Hymn: An Ovulution

w/ Mel Coyle

“Across from the title page of Mel Coyle and Jenn Marie Nunes’s HYMN: An Ovulution is a line drawing of Hera, her face set in an Elvis-like sneer. This visual reference to Elvis makes sense: Coyle and Nunes’ paean to Hera—queen bitch of the Olympic gods, cow-eyed and regal, dispensing vengeance from her peacock-drawn chariot—structures itself around both the call-and-response structures Elvis took from R&B and the blues, and the strophe/antistrophe patterns of ancient Greek theater. If this sounds erudite, it is: the poem circles around real and false etymologies. […] It’s a performance of matriarchy to make crowds go wild.” —MC Hyland, Rain Taxi


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