Winner of the 2015 Vinyl 45 Chapbook Contest

This is a book for failing. June fails at relationships, she fails at decisions, she fails at directions, she fails at herself. But that doesn’t mean she’s a failure. June is in the process of— moving along toward— being interrupted by— playing around with— getting wrapped up in—  opening her door to— June follows the logic of the world to its utmost conclusion: there is no logic to the world. There is only what you encounter – monkeys smoking cigarettes, a pony in the mint garden, a seaglass baby, “fucking neat-o” earrings – and the story you tell about it.

“In these spare, realistic and occasionally surrealistic stories, the juice of youth and its  surging sexuality and uncertainties, run through like nourishment through an IV attached to the body of our bed-ridden world. There is nothing bed-ridden, however, about Nunes’ stories: she is alive, brilliant, wise even, and ready to fight. A necessary book.” –Andrei Codrescu, author of “The Art of Forgetting” (Sheep Meadow Press)


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