Those People

Winner of the 2016 National Poetry Review Poetry Prize, now housed under Dog’s Heart Press

Gentrification sources, including those used in Those People

Those People is a book of aftermath, written in and on the dark—the darkness of the screen, the darkness of night, the darkness of a soil alluvial with intimacy and difference, privacy and politics, pleasure and anger, memory and hope. Jenn Marie Nunes’s forming and reforming syntaxes entail a vulnerable yet resolute lifeform probing its own survival under the tides of capital and the logics of extraction, expulsion and erasure—exploring what it might mean to return, to remain, and to reclaim.   

– Joyelle McSweeney, author of Toxicon & Arachne

Reflexive review of New Orleans’

post Katrina culture vultures, gentrifiers and carpetbaggers

spoken through poignant colloquial vignettes           

– Gian Smith, author of “O Beautiful Storm,” featured on HBO’s Treme

If you want to purchase a (signed) copy directly from Jenn, and see the $ go to the poet themselves, you can venmo her $18 with your address AT JennMarie-Nunes

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